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504 Loan

Loans Built for Iowa Businesses

Iowa Business Growth is focused on providing solutions to qualified small businesses in Iowa. In our role as a certified developer, it is our role to work with financial institutions on behalf of borrowers to help their business find the financing they need. These loans are often attractive to borrowers because they offer the necessary financing while allowing businesses to maintain their working capital. If you are interested in working with Iowa Business Growth for your 504 business loan solution, you can utilize our loan calculator tool or contact our team directly by clicking the button below.

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Benefits of 504 Business Loans for Business Owners

There are several benefits to small businesses that receive 504 business loan financing, including:

  • Lower downpayment requirements, typically 10%
  • Fixed interest rate throughout entire term
  • Long term lengths of 10 or 20 years
  • There is no balloon payment
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Why Financial Institutions Should Work with Iowa Business Growth

Iowa Business Growth works to provide 504 business loans to small businesses that are already qualified borrowers through a trusted financial institution. If you are a lender at an Iowa-based bank or credit union, working with Iowa Business Growth means you are committing less of your own bank’s capital while working with a trusted lender focused on serving only clients that are based in Iowa. This means less risk for your institution while expanding your lending portfolio.

504 Business Loan Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for a 504 business loan, borrowers must:

  • Be owner-operated
  • Be for profit
  • Have business net worth below $15 million
  • Have an after-tax net profit below $5 million average in last two years

Current 504 Business Loan Rates

Loan TypeRate

10 - Year6.544%

20 - Year6.496%

25 - Year6.385%

504 Loan Calculator

504 Project Worksheet

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